5 Surefire ways of keeping ants at bay

To have ants around your home can be really painful. It starts by spotting one or even two small ants. The next thing you see is an army of ants matching into your home one by one. These ants come for cozy shelter and easy meal. The first ants to appear are normally workers ants looking for food.

In this post, we try to exhaust some of the most effective ways to help you keep off ants from your home.

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Preventing the ants to ever consider your home as an easy target is the best way to get rid of ants. Since they are tiny, they are able to find several entries into your house. Try and block as much of such entries as possible. When you succeed at sealing these possible holes, you will keep possible invasion at bay. Make sure there is no garbage or anything that can attract ants near entrance of your home. Clear windowsills of any food because these are known to be possible entry points for ants 

Use of Vaseline or chalk

Creating a ring of chalk or Vaseline around doors and windows will also help, as ants cannot cross lines drawn with these products. This may not help get rid of ants already in the house but certainly will discourage the others to join the invasion. Baby powder can also be used to repel ant. Sprinkle this product on your doors to help keep ants out of the house.

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Lemon Juice.

Lemon juice is also known to destroy the scent trails that ants usually follow. Try to spray lemon juice on the pathways of ants. This will act as a repellant.



Coffee Grounds.

Sprinkle used coffee ground around the outside of the house and also in the garden. In case you are able to locate the exact entry point of the ants, make sure you sprinkle some there as well. They will surely move away from your home since they dislike smell of coffee grounds. 

Organic acids 

Since organic acids are considered to be safe for use in the house to control ants and cockroaches, you can make homemade ant baits by dissolving a teaspoonful of boric acid with ten teaspoonfuls of sugar into half a liter of water. This mixture is then absorbed into cotton balls and then left near ant trails. Ants will carry it to their nests and any ant that eats it will die. Eventually, it will destroy the entire colony.


Ants are a menace and if not controlled in time, they could create havoc in the house since they are known to eat almost everything that human eats. The above discussed tips are the most effective in keeping them at bay.

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Bed Bugs and steps to solve the Bed bug Problem

Bedbugs are tiny, oval, brown insects that live on blood of humans or animals. Bed bugs are active primarily at night and often bite people when they are sleeping. Here are a few steps to resolve Bed bugs problem;




As quickly as bed bugs are in our home, they’ll begin looking for hiding places. Within minutes, these annoying creatures begin multiplying. One method to see if there are bed bugs at home is simply by checking our skin. Search for some bites on the skin which bites will probably are actually caused by bed bugs if we haven’t noticed any pesky insects in the house, however we still get the same type of bite every time you get up. Get with http://njpest.org/ if you need help.

Bed Bug Treatments 


Cleaning infested objects


If we suspicious that there are bed bugs hiding on our bed comforter, just toss in the bed linen in the dryer and put the settings on high temperature at about 120 Fahrenheit. By doing this, we can immediately kill the adults and nymphs, along with their eggs which may be hiding on our bedding. 


Using a Steamer


A fast way to eliminate bed bugs then and there is to use a device that can produce steam could be an electric kettle also. This steamer device ought to be powerful enough to destroy eggs and also adult bed bugs. The pest control nj company here specializes in bed bugs and has $100 off if you call them first.


Silica Gel or Diatomaceous Earth


We can also use ground silica gel in the infested room like the mattress and when the silica gel sticks to the bugs, it will finally dehydrate and then die, which should solve the bed bug problem. An another option is to apply the food grade variety of a dehydrating element called Diatomaceous Earth will also work out for bed bug issue. But this doesn’t put the individuals and pets’ health at an increased risk not like what silica gel offers.


Bed Bug Prevention


The most useful way to avoid any issues with bed bugs is always to prevent them from entering in the home. Therefore, we have to be cautious about purchasing second hand furniture. When travelling, try to inspect the bed headboards and beddings very first, and also closets for any bed bugs already there. 


Getting rid of bed bugs nj is often tough, and there might be occasions when it might be extremely hard for us to remove all of these creatures and thus it’s better to speak to a professional who can provide more effective solution to the bed bug problem.

How to Select a Pest Control Company

Pesky buggers can infest your home and cause havoc. Most homes experience pest problems from time to time, forcing them to seek the help of professionals to help control pests. But choosing a pest control company can be a daunting task. You shouldn’t rush into a decision, but instead talk with several pest control companies before making up your mind.

pest-control-tyler-txWhile your pest problem may seem urgent, rushing may not help. Just take your time looking for a reputable and reliable company that is knowledgeable about the subject and meets your strict standards.

Below is how to select a pest control company:

1. Qualifications of staff. This is very important. Technicians much have current licenses with the right classification for the job. If possible, verify licensing by calling the state pesticide regulatory office. Is the company staff informed on current regulations, safety, products, and techniques? Having a certified entomologist on staff is essential.

2. Experience of the company. Ask how long the company has been in business, as well as the amount of experience the company has with handling pest problems like yours.

3. Reputation of the company. You can rely on the recommendations of family members, friends, colleagues, or even neighbors. Avoid relying on adverts to find information about the company. You can contact the BBB (Better Business Bureau) for information on complaints, recent violations, or unresolved issues. Ask them for customer references.

4. Value for money. Ask the company if they can offer estimates for services. Getting estimates from more than one tyler tx pest control company will help you compare rates and services. Does the company offer a guarantee for work done? What are their terms?

5. Evaluate their customer service

How do they listen to concerns and address the issues raised by customers? Do they agree to discuss product selection or other details of the pest treatment? How do employees handle customer inquiry?

6. Safety. This is often ignored but it is very important. What low-toxicity options are available and how do they reduce environmental risks? They must have insurance to cover not only you and your property, but also their employees as well. Do they wear protective equipment when working? What measures do they have in place to prevent unnecessary accidents or exposures?

Contact and interview various pest control companies, just don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as possible. Weigh your pest and treatment options. Successful pest control requires seamless communication and maximum cooperation between you and the company staff. Asking questions will ensure that you fully understand the treatment process and your responsibilities in ensuring it is a success.

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How to Clear An Apartment Infested With Cockroaches

Is your apartment infested with cockroaches? Well, do not panic! As soon as you detect a cockroach infestation, gear up to win the war against those nasty invaders.

Here are some steps to fend off cockroach infestations promptly.

  1. Locate The Entrance 

    Although tracking them is a difficult task as they are prompt insects, yet this is extremely imperative to eliminate them from your apartment. For this, you need to check around all the exterior areas in your house and also search for small cracks in the holes, foundations, around pipes and windows. Any hole or crack can be their entrance point and these creatures can also come from drains. 

  2. The First WaveThere are 2 steps involved in completely killing off an extremely heavy cockroach infestation- the first wave is the first step that involves poisoning of these insects. All that you need to do is, use some chemical smoke balls and place them all around your house. Make sure that your apartment is totally clear of all pets and people, and that all doors, storage places and cabinets are open. Set off the chemical bombs. Next, follow all the instructions before entering your apartment. Once you enter it, use your vacuum to clear away all the dead cockroaches.
  3. The Second Wave And Prevention
    The chemical smoke balls do not eliminate all of those nasty insects. However, they will immensely mitigate the amount of cockroaches that you and your family has to deal with. The next step is to concentrate on bait and kill, as well as prevention. For this, you need to mix together 1 portion of boric acid, 1 portion of sugar and 1 portion of cocoa. Place this mixture in all your storage areas, door and other cabinets, under your kitchen sink and all other places where the cockroaches may go. This process will take around 6 weeks to completely get rid of cockroach infestations. In the meantime, you must also take preventive measures, for instance, keeping a neat and clean kitchen, removing debris and logs away from your apartment and sealing all the cracks.
  4. Use A Herbal RemedyThis is just another simple, yet effective remedy to knock out serious cockroach infestations. Herbal leaves have a strong ability to ward off cockroaches. Place some herbal leaves all over your house and say good-bye to those filthy creatures. Bay laurel leaves repel cockroaches and can help you to knock them out completely.

With that said, eliminate infestations using these simple and proven techniques and eliminate them permanently from your house.
Call a professional if you are still seeing cockroach infestation.